This week’s Wordbound prompt is “What is something you’re embarrassed to admit you’ve written?”


Let’s turn back time to when I was thirteen.

I had just gotten through a terrible couple of years. Things were all right now, I had friends and had started to develop crushes on boys. One of these was Nick, a guy from my church’s youth group. I also spent a lot of my time on the scholastic message boards, where, one day, a poetry craze started and suddenly everyone was posting poems they had written.

So I decided to write poetry myself. The thing with poetry is that there aren’t people or videos or books that teach you how to do it. It’s not like knitting where you have basic patterns that you can follow or dancing where you first do stretching exercises and learn how to do pirouettes and kick ball changes. There are lots of old poems that you can look at (“but don’t even think about just copying their style”) and then there are certain poetry styles like haikus that you can try to fill with words. At thirteen, I had yet to learn that the art of poetry comes with practise and, of course, reading lots of poems. What I did do was pick a poetry style that I knew a bit about (limericks) and a topic that seemed to feature in a lot of other poems (love) to create this…thing.


(for those of you wondering, Mr. Bling-Bling was Nick’s msn usename)



What’s the most embarrassing thing that you guys have ever written? Do leave a comment and, if you’re interested in writing, join Wordbound!

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