• Everyone has a story inside of them
  • Good writing actually does good. If a piece of writing only harms society or people or generally does more harm than good, then it shouldn’t be considered good writing.
  • The true potential of fanfiction is not realized by most people. Few people seem to realize the freedom that fanfiction writers have-they can write without any kinds of boundaries, without editorial constraint and explore whatever topic they like, while still getting read by plenty of people. This can do harm, but also good.
  • Unedited writing can still be good
  • Anyone can learn how to write well
  • The best kind of book would be if our dreams could be transcribed into words
  • Books shouldn’t have to stick to a particular genre-people should be free to not only mix up genres, but also to create something completely different.
  • Sometimes, you need to be a certain age/go through certain experiences/be a certain type of person to fully appreciate a book. And that’s fine.

14 thoughts on “My Writing Philosophies/ Controversial Writing Opinions

  1. Great tips! I totally agree that everyone has a story inside of them just waiting to be written! Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic is what helped me get my story out 🙂

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