Why didn’t Moody send Harry to Voldemort when they were alone in his office instead of hatching a huge elaborate plan? Why didn’t Frodo fly to Mordor on eagles? Why did the Careers decide to sleep under Katniss’ tree instead of just killing her in some other way?

Image from the Harry Potter Wikia

The people who see these things as plot holes assume that characters always make the best possible choices. According to that, Voldemort’s plans must always be the quickest and most painless way to his goal, Frodo and his friends never make mistakes strategizing and young stressed teenagers always make the best choices. But these things just show that the characters aren’t perfect, one-dimensional beings.



(the images used in the cover photo are from Cloudpixmytrendingstories.com and the Hunger Games Wikia)

3 thoughts on “Why Plot Holes aren’t usually Plot Holes

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