One of my stranger interests is reading fan theories. I’m not sure what exactly it is about them that draws me in, but it’s probably a mixture of reliving the joy I felt reading the books, the thrill of putting puzzle pieces together and the scary feeling of awe you get when you realize that the sunny, positive stories and characters might have a dark side.

Either ways, I can often be found sitting at my computer at 1 am, searching for new fan theories to my favorite books and films, my eyes locked to my screen because I’m too scared to look around me for fear of aliens, ghosts trapped in a time loop or my favourite character suddenly turned evil.

One of the problems that I have encountered is that while it is easy to find the most common Harry Potter theories, once you’ve read up on them, it is difficult to find more. If you are lucky enough to find another theory, it normally requires endless searching and rereading Ronbledore and Draco-is-a-werewolf for the millionth time. Because of this, I have decided to post a masterlist of every single Harry Potter theory that I was able to find. It will be posted in a biweekly blog series. Each blog post will contain five theories and explain them. This post will contain links to all of these posts, so that hopefully, a year from now, we will have a huge collection of 130 Harry Potter fan theories. Then we will do the same thing again, and again and again.

A note on crediting other people: Each of these theories falls into one of four categories:

  1. My Own-I won’t accredit these
  2. Clearly Attributed to a Certain Person-in this case I will accredit that person in the post
  3. Not Clearly Attributed to Anyone/Probably Thought of by Multiple People-in these cases, I can’t accredit anyone, but I will say that the theory isn’t mine
  4. Probably Attributed to a Certain Person-I will accredit that person. If this is actually your theory, please tell me and I will do my best to accredit you.

A note on the likely possibility of running out of theories: In preparation for this, I have collected almost two hundred fan theories. While I am constantly on the search for more, this will probably last me for the first two years of posting. If you know of any other theories or even have some of your own, do please tell me about them!

A note on why I don’t just post all the theories I have all at once and be done with it: Because that takes ages. I can deal with explaining five theories every two weeks, but not all two hundred at once.




5 thoughts on “Harry Potter Fan Theory Masterlist

  1. For some reason I can’t bring myself to read Harry Potter fan fictions. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading fanfic but not Harry Potter.. I just love what J.K. Rowling wrote too much!!

    Maybe I just need to get over it because there could be some great stories out there…


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    1. That’s fine! I’m not quite sure where I stand on HP fanfiction-I don’t think any of it is as good as the books, but there are some interesting pieces. My taste in fanfiction is really weird and the only really popular Harry Potter fanfics that I’ve read are the James Potter series, where I only properly read the first book and skimmed through the rest, and Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, which is actually really good, but I stopped reading it at some point in the middle of Harry’s first year and haven’t managed to get back to it for quite a while now xD
      I feel like theories are different from fanfics-they’re usually just small observations from the HP universe and while fanfics create new scenarios (and often characters) to expand on the books, theories just link together things that are already there. 🙂
      Also, what fanfics DO you read? I’ve tried some LOTR and “The Hunger Games” ones, but haven’t been able to find anything really good there.

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      1. Where can I find them, the James Potter series and The methods of Rationality? I haven’t read any in a while to be honest, but when I was younger I tried Twilight fanfic (no thank you!!), Star Wars and most recently Alice in Wonderland. I am currently reading a book call Heartless, its really good, about the Queen of Hearts and how she became so heartless.. not sure if it is technically classed as fanfic but it is still good!

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