Time to catch up on Wordbound!

This week’s Wordbound prompt is “Something gets broken beyond repair.”

I spent way too long trying to think of a scene to go with this prompt, until I realized that the last part of “Hi, T” fit perfectly. I’ve had the scene planned out for ages, so it’s about time I tried writing it down. It’s an important scene which I will probably rewrite lots of times, but for now, at least I have a base.

I won’t post it here because it’s dark and scary and triggering. Within context of the book, it works, but as a stand-alone post I don’t think it does what I want my writing to do-make people think, spread positivity and hope etc. etc.

So this is just to record that I actually did it.

4 thoughts on “Being Broken and Losing Hope: Wordbound Wednesday #6

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