Round the corner of the world I turn, more and more about the world I learn.

(One More Step Along the World I Go, Stainer & Bell Ltd.)

Youtube is an everlearning process. Here are some of the new things that I have learned since finishing the Disney Playthrough Series.

  • I really enjoy editing. It’s calming and relaxing and nice. I have decided to move on from SmartPixel and have downloaded Movie Maker. It’s still not super-professional editing, but it’s a (admittedly very small) step in the right direction. Movie Maker lets you do a lot of things-put clips together, edit out parts, add pictures for any duration, change the volume, add animations and a lot more things that I have yet to discover. The Trelawney series was the first thing I used Movie Maker on and the editing was very simple-I took my voice recording and edited out pauses and mistakes and such, then I added a title, filmed a little clip of myself opening a Harry Potter book as an intro and used pictures for the rest of the video. I do have a bigger project planned with a lot more editing involved, so I’m excited to start working on that.


  • Subscribers grow so slowly. Also, those Get Free Youtube Subscribers websites don’t work. Just saying.


  • There’s a Youtube Creator Academy where you can take free online courses on content, advertising, copyright laws and all kinds of other topics. It’s really fun and quite helpful!
  • You need 10 000 views before you can start making money from advertising. Oh well.


  • You don’t need advanced programmes to create thumbnails-Paint works just as well. Just make sure to resize the image to 1280×720 pixels before you start so it doesn’t appear stretched on the video.


  • Laptops will not only record your voice, but also our breathing and every other tiny sound in your surroundings. After about five videos, I gave up and bought a microphone.
  • When Youtubers drink tea or water or Ribena during their videos, they’re not just relaxing or being lazy. Filming long videos will strain your voice and you need to drink to keep your voice sounding normal.
  • Trelawney was actually right about everything.


What do you think?

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