I’m in my third year of a mathematics degree and would say that I have gotten to know all of my fellow students quite well. (We’re a small uni. We started out with 200 maths students and about two thirds of that left ran away screaming at some point in our first year.)

Sidenote: Please don’t take this seriously.

  1. The Genius. This person always gets everything right. They never despair over problem sets and just seem to intuitively know how to solve everything. pic1

The person to go to if you need help understanding something. Or just a friendly chat tbh.

  1. The Wannabe Investment Banker. They attend every single lecture, always know all the theory off by heart…but in their free time, they lead Investment Societies and excel in internships and in reality, they only force themselves to work hard at mathematics because in their hearts, they want to get their dream job.pic2.png

The person to go to if you…well, never, actually. They usually won’t help you unless you help them.

  1. The Organizer. They don’t know a thing about metric spaces, Jacobian matrices or sigma-rings, but they know EXACTLY who usually has homework solutions, which tutorials to sign up for, which electives are Easy As, which professors to pick and where you can get copies of exams from thirty years ago.pic3.png

The person to go to if you are stuck on time with problem sheets.

  1. The Mess. Disheveled, with greasy hair and old, baggy jumpers, they arrive late for lectures (if they actually go to them). They copy their problem sheets off others seconds before the tutorial starts. The pressure has got to them and they’ve broken.pic4.png

The person to go to if you are feeling altruistic.

  1. The Fun Computer Nerd. They laugh at their own Pi-Donut-Theorem and the fact that i^i is real. Meanwhile, they admire the geniuses for solving difficult problems so quickly, yet would never admit that they, too, have super-powers when it comes to programming.pic5.png

The person to go to if you want to relax and just have a fun chat.

  1. The Clique Member. Geniuses are often encircled by a group of these people. One day they’re confidently proving Tychonoff’s Theorem in class, the next they can’t explain what a sequence is. Generally nice, but they will only hang out with their group.pi6.png

The person to go to if you’re desperate for problem set solutions (they’ll have them somewhere in a Whatsapp group).


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