1. Take courses at the WordPress Blogging University

WordPress University offers free email courses on various topics such as Blogging Fundamentals, Commenting Basics and Photography. These are really helpful if you’re new to blogging. Some of them are quite WordPress specific, especially Blogging Fundamentals and Intermediate Customization, but a lot of them can be applied to any blogs.


  1. Don’t worry about advanced coding

When you think about running a website, you might immediately think of long and confusing html codes. Don’t worry about that! There are lots of sites where you can start your blog-some of them will require you to code things yourself, while others like WordPress or Blogger will provide everything for you. You might want to use a bit of html later on for special fonts or effects in blog posts or customizing sections of our blog, but when you’re just starting out, there’s no need to worry about it.

  1. Include pictures and photos and colours in your posts

Sure, what you actually write is important, but pictures, colours and fonts will make your posts more aesthetically pleasing and will attract more readers.


  1. Copyright

There are lots of ways in which you can get visuals for your blog posts. You can take photos, draw images on paper and scan them in, use Paint or Photoshop, et cetera et cetera. However, one thing you can’t do is to Google search and use the photos that come up. Most of these photos will belong to someone and using them in a blog post (especially if you plan on making money off your blog) can be dangerous.

So you can either take your own photos OR use a website with Copyright free images. My favourite is Pixabay which has lots of beautiful photos, but there are quite a few others out there as well.

  1. Comment on other people’s blogs to get people to find you

Your first blog post is up? Congratulations! That’s great, wonderful-but why aren’t people liking and commenting on it? Some people might find your blog through Google or the WordPress reader, but a great way of getting your first couple of views and comments is to comment on other people’s blogs.

Not everyone will respond, especially blogs that are very popular or have been inactive in a while, but keep trying and you’ll definitely get some comments, likes and views.

  1. Return comments/likes follows

Once you get a certain level of followers, this might get impossible, but try to return every like and comment that you get. If someone follows your blog, it is common courtesy to check out theirs in return and to at least leave a comment.


  1. Guest post

Guest posts are a great way of getting new readers! You can find opportunities by either joining Facebook groups, checking out blogs that specifically have a lot of guest bloggers or just asking bloggers you have gotten to know. A guest post can be anything-an interview, a contribution to a long post or a post you wrote yourself on a certain topic.

  1. Facebook groups

A mentioned above, Facebook groups can be INCREDIBLY HELPFUL. You can swap comments with people, find guest blogging opportunities or get answers to any questions you might have. It’s good to join a couple of different groups and to regularly go over all of the posts there. Joining threads where everyone leaves a comment on the other people’s blogs may seem strange at first, but it’s a great way of getting people to find you.



  1. Use social media

Another great way for people to find your blog is to use social media. Which websites you want to use is completely up to you-Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr or even random forums can all be very helpful and whichever one you pick is entirely up to you. Most people prefer to pick one or two social media sites to be very active on rather than occasionally posting on many different sites.


  1. Be aware of laws

Every country and situation is different and before you start posting, just make sure everything you are doing is legal.

  1. Keep Safe
  2. Have Fun 🙂



8 thoughts on “12 Tips for Beginning Bloggers

    1. Thank you! Flickr can also be a good source for attribution-free photos, but you have to check each photo to make sure that it really is -I like Pixabay best because it has lots of wonderful images and you don’t have to worry about accreditation 🙂

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