After struggling to get through “The Casual Vacancy”, I became very skeptical of J. K. Rowling’s other books and put off reading the Cormoran Strike series for years. However, I decided to give “Silkworm” a chance a while ago and couldn’t put it down. Here’s my review:



Novelist Owen Quine turns in “Bombyx Mori”, a book slandering his wife, girlfriend and everyone in the publishing industry, then disappears. Now it’s up to private detective Cormoran Strike and Robin, a secretary who is fighting to become a detective herself, to untangle the metaphors and symbolism is Bombyx Mori and find out more about Owen’s relationships and secrets.


I really liked:

  • Cormoran Strike is a fantastic character. Unlike many fictional detectives, he faces a lot of everyday problems. He doesn’t have access to crime scenes, suspects or a forensics team and has to work around the police rather than cooperating with them.
  • The plot revolves around writing and the publishing industry and there are so many interesting ideas and stories there.
  • I found the symbolism in Bombyx Mori, a fictional novel that some of the plot revolves around, to be really interesting and fun to interpret. I formed by own ideas about what some of the elements in it might represent when it was first mentioned and it was very interesting to leaf back to it numerous times, each time knowing a bit more about each character.
  • Once you start reading, the book really pulls you in and it is difficult to stop.


I wasn’t a fan of:

  • Strike and Robin sound a bit too much like superhero names-I wish she had chosen something else.
  • Just a personal thing, but I was a bit disappointed by the negative/satirical portrayal of bloggers.


Favourite Quotes:

“The whole world’s writing novels, but nobody’s reading them.”

“You are not writing properly unless someone is bleeding, probably you.”


5 out of 5 bestseller novels



Have you read “The Silkworm” or any of the other Cormoran Strike novels? What did you think of them? Tell me in the comments! ❤

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