Let’s all board the Hogwarts express, we’re going to the land where numbers crisscross through galaxies, words flow through the depths of the darkest oceans, wrongs are righted, the world flows on and we all gather together in The Secret Hideout.

I’m so glad you found my blog. I post Harry Potter thoughts, ideas, fan theories, Easter Eggs and other fun things, as well as book reviews, my own stories and poems, some general thoughts on Life, the Universe and Everything Else and anecdotes about university life. There’s also a chat, some games, a Monthly Quote and some other fun secrets!



Tuesdays: Harry Potter posts

Thursdays: Book reviews and posts

Other stuff will come at random dates and times!



Harry Potter Fan Theories-Every month, I analyse five Harry Potter theories. If you have a theory you’d like featured, just leave a comment!

The Youtube Diaries-Come along as I try and fail to run a Youtube channel! There will be lots of true stories, despair, thoughts on fan culture and some possibly helpful advice.